Chase Hall Chase
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Updated 2 weeks ago

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The Great Cloudwall

Updated 15 hours ago

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A Python 3 script that exports all of your Spotify playlists.

Updated 1 month ago

Sean Straus' Home Assistant Configuration

Updated 1 hour ago

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Collection of bash/python Scripts I use.

Updated 1 week ago

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Password Generator w/ Client-Side JS.

Updated 1 month ago

You are being watched. Protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.

Updated 1 day ago

Curated List of Privacy Respecting Services and Software

Updated 6 days ago

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This website is a collection of the best digital piracy resources. This will help you get started on your pirate voyage.

Updated 1 month ago

GSC Dump of MW2 (IW4)

Updated 2 months ago

Update IW4MAdmin IPAddress Key

Updated 1 month ago

IW4MAdmin is an administration tool for most Call of Duty dedicated servers. It allows complete control of your server; from changing maps, to banning players.

Updated 15 hours ago

Script to install and update Invidious

Updated 1 month ago

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A dead simple static HOMepage for your servER to keep your services on hand, from a simple yaml configuration file.

Updated 1 month ago

Contains my Home Assistant configurations.

Updated 1 month ago