269 Commits (master)

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  Remco 2e5ad5faf3 Adds Hass.io Google Drive Backup (#133) 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 9b926bad7e
🔥Removed Octobox add-on 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 5022506f53
Adds TellStick add-on 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 5da9c550d8
🚑 Updates link for the HASS Configurator add-on 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 795b285a5d
Adds Hass.io Core Add-on: deCONZ 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 304400c051
Adds ESPHome Discord link 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof fd8a92ecc9
🔥Removes Home Assistant Control Panel 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 1be08fb83c
🚑 Fixes Jinja Script for Curious Minds links 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof b25926ab6c
⬆️ Upgrades Ruby to 2.6 for the builds (#136) 1 year ago
  newlinux 10b838ef5b Adds Home Tech Hacker blog (#126) 1 year ago
  Mauricio Bonani 9bc4dd5f62 Adds atomic calendar card (#123) 1 year ago
  Mahasri Kalavala 088d6eb434 🚑 Fixes URL skalavala's config (#125) 1 year ago
  Jason Hunter 42e2df9b84 Add public config of Jason Hunter (#119) 1 year ago
  cryptelli 27e28e5162 🔨 Broadlink IR has been renamed to SmartIR (#117) 1 year ago
  Otto Winter 892ee168bf esphomeyaml -> ESPHome (#116) 1 year ago
  SiliconAvatar a39ef5307a 👕 List Formatting Cleanup (#115) 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 954785bc56
Adds Dual Gauge Lovelace Card (#114) 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 625a98b760
Adds forked-daapd Lovelace card (#113) 1 year ago
  Firespyer 4ba9124560 Adds Home Panel to 3rd party add-ons (#111) 1 year ago
  Firespyer a5e9b57486 Adds Traccar to 3rd party add-ons (#110) 1 year ago
  Firespyer ba854b2ac1 Added AdGuard Home to 3rd party add-ons (#109) 1 year ago
  Firespyer 7de9bd9a19 Adds Matrix to 3rd party add-ons (#108) 1 year ago
  Firespyer d8ab6ce1af Adds Glances to 3rd party add-ons (#107) 1 year ago
  Firespyer 54120331c3 Added ADB add-on to 3rd party add-ons (#105) 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 85ee1ec15a
Adds Sonoff/eWeLink custom component (#104) 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 251c2812f6
Adds link to the Home Assistant official demo (#103) 1 year ago
  Firespyer ad005a2412 Adds ADB Intents (#102) 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 714e9c82c2
🚀 Updates Animated Weather Card URL (#101) 1 year ago
  Klaas Schoute 1dbe68fd2f Adds NFC scanner DIY project (#100) 1 year ago
  Jeffrey dddf1bad4c Adds Google Calendar card. (#93) 1 year ago
  Timmo 6efb9f3489 🔥 Removes dead Lovelace Gallery link (#94) 1 year ago
  mjone4 3ef1e65883 Adds Backups to Google Drive to Hassio Addons (#87) 1 year ago
  Lucas Bramlage 4673441556 Adds bar card to Custom Lovelace UI Cards (#90) 1 year ago
  Klaas Schoute 8f1183f9e2 Adding my config to the public configurations list (#89) 1 year ago
  Jeffrey 2398fe50e3 Adds Card Modder (#86) 1 year ago
  Robin bb080fe523 Add data detective (#85) 1 year ago
  Timmo 498da361af 🏥 Adds Dr Zzs twitter page (#83) 1 year ago
  Timmo 23adbad33d 🏠 Adds @hassioaddons (#84) 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 229f4c96e9
Adds Compact Custom Header (#82) 1 year ago
  Ian Richardson 200a2ef0fe 🔥 Cleans up Lovelace sections (#80) 1 year ago
  DubhAd 4540fe8fe8 Adds Tinkerer's blog (#78) 1 year ago
  Andrea Donno 321879e85e Adds Adonno's configuration (#76) 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 4c3754b71c
Adds Franck Nijhof's public configuration (#75) 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof d7d5f59c3b
Adds hass-fontawesome (#74) 1 year ago
  Raymond Julin ae70f7be7c Adds simple-thermostat lovelace card (#73) 1 year ago
  TheRedBull205 4f5e03bb26 Adds power-wheel-card (lovelace custom) (#71) 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 8dfcbd711e
Adds slider-entity-row for Lovelace (#70) 2 years ago
  Josh McCarty 28b211cb51 Add Twitter section (#63) 2 years ago
  cogneato 82e083b062 Adding a repo of themes (#68) 2 years ago
  Isabella Gross Alström ba7fab663d Added BTLE presence detection script (#66) 2 years ago