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  Franck Nijhof 17dca00e72
⬆️ Upgrade mkdocs-material to 5.5.14 2 months ago
  Franck Nijhof ecb3e37ef7
🚑 Fixes awesomelist linting errors 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 3844cf0c27
⬆️ Upgrades mkdocs to 1.0.4 (#151) 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 0d5aaf498d
👕 Corrects URL in mkdocs configuration 2 years ago
  Franck Nijhof a944e3023d
🔥 Disables the tabs feature 2 years ago
  Franck Nijhof 4b9c7bdaff
Adds mkdocs to create a website out of it 2 years ago