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  Smart Home Junkie d79f8c80b8
Add Smart Home Junkie Youtube channel (#252) 5 days ago
  jrdsgl 9409096692
🔨 Update rhasspy link (#240) 3 weeks ago
  Hannes Van de Vel 263db3e66b
🔥 Remove deprecated Toggle Lock Entity Row (#235) 1 month ago
  Mauricio Bonani bbab7ac6a3
🔥 Remove Alarm Control Panel Card (#243) 1 month ago
  Mauricio Bonani cea2fe5032
🚑 Fix link for Big Number Card (#242) 1 month ago
  jrdsgl 5fe550f98f
Add link to the awesome selfhosted list (#241) 1 month ago
  Hannes Van de Vel ea2495a0a0
Add Restriction Card (#236) 1 month ago
  Hannes Van de Vel c7690bfe20
🔥 Remove deprecated Calendar Card (#232) 1 month ago
  Franck Nijhof b77482ce6d
🚑 Fix AppDaemon link and description 1 month ago
  Franck Nijhof 5dbd8120fd
🔥 Remove delete plan coordinates Lovelace card 2 months ago
  Franck Nijhof 79620a4817
🚑 Fix AppDaemon add-on link 2 months ago
  Franck Nijhof 39a7ee7ae5
🔥 Remove Pi-hole add-on, as it has been deprecated and removed 2 months ago
  Franck Nijhof cd29342302
🔨 Update list of official add-ons 2 months ago
  Franck Nijhof bdcc93d7fc
🚑 Fix TOC 2 months ago
  Franck Nijhof 8974e505c9
✏️ Improve introductions of the add-ons chapters 2 months ago
  Franck Nijhof 0ee6377f82
Adds Dutch Domotics Discord server 2 months ago
  Franck Nijhof f53a03d77a
✏️ Correct rebranding of the community add-ons 2 months ago
  Franck Nijhof c45d96682e
✏️ The HA Facebook group is official now, corrects the name 2 months ago
  Franck Nijhof 955b8bd54f
✏️ Update list of installation methods 2 months ago
  Franck Nijhof c9db5e7e9f
✏️ Improve introduction 2 months ago
  Franck Nijhof 8477f33cd4
👕 Fix faulty no-double-link linting 2 months ago
  Franck Nijhof 9baf232a89
👕 Fix faulty no-double-link linting 2 months ago
  Aidan Timson 81da733358
Add LG WebOS Remote Control (#199) 2 months ago
  Markus Ressel 1129e701fa
Added QuinLED project to DIY Projects section (#201) 2 months ago
  Andrea 6f3ff876fe
Adding SeLLeRoNe public repository (#176) 2 months ago
  Johannes Schöck c4140b4700
🚑 Replace Monster Card with Auto-Entities Card (#171) 2 months ago
  apak4 2a7f35ca9f
🚑 Update Animated Weather Card link (#169) 2 months ago
  Mauricio Bonani f0efa4f6f4 Add Lovelace Soft UI (#172) 11 months ago
  Boris K 3633ea0fb5 Adds RGB Light Card (#166) 1 year ago
  Paul Sinclair 908e8b08a0 🔨Remove Hassbian Link (#165) 1 year ago
  Firespyer ed6ada61f2 Added YouTube BeardedTinker (#161) 1 year ago
  Paul Sinclair 16a6c6ff4b 📚 Fix linting issue (#162) 1 year ago
  Mauricio Bonani f9c8d761ec Adds Google Home Theme (#159) 1 year ago
  Mauricio Bonani 8c53da0904 Adds Synthwave theme (#158) 1 year ago
  Markus Pöschl db5c2ea530 Adds slate theme (#154) 1 year ago
  segalion fc742389d4 Adds RaspiPool DIY project (#150) 1 year ago
  Mauricio Bonani e297c002d0 Remove Sognare's YouTube Channel (#153) 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof ecb3e37ef7
🚑 Fixes awesomelist linting errors 1 year ago
  Justin R 646a8db5f5 🔨 Updates GitHub repo location for Isabella Gross Alström (#149) 1 year ago
  Mauricio Bonani 142c3fa3ad Adds Config Template Card (#147) 1 year ago
  rpitera 1928ecda17 Adds hass-aarlo to Custom Components section. (#145) 1 year ago
  rpitera 4307995728 🔨 Updates URL for Rhasspy (#144) 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof b740a079f9
Adds Home Feed Card 1 year ago
  Phil Genera 0252a6d748 Fix a typo (#146) 1 year ago
  Piotr Machowski 13c000299d Adds Xiaomi Vacuum Map Card (#143) 1 year ago
  Jeffrey 3bb6070e42 Adds Circadian Lighting Custom Component (#139) 1 year ago
  Paul Sinclair 69a1603a37 Adds Home Assistant Config Helper for Visual Studio Code (#137) 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof cdce814a10
Adds Toggle Lock Entity Row 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 310a2b11a8
Adds Multiple Entity Row 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 211e3158be
Adds Battery Entity Card 1 year ago