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  dependabot[bot] 81f9ca00b3
⬆️ Bump actions/checkout from v2.3.3 to v2.3.4 (#246) 2 weeks ago
  dependabot[bot] bcdbb0b301
⬆️ Bump actions/checkout from v2.3.2 to v2.3.3 (#227) 2 months ago
  Davide Maggio 00d362249d
🚑 Fix Github Actions (#214) 2 months ago
  dependabot[bot] bd7cdddbce
⬆️ Bump actions/checkout from v2.3.1 to v2.3.2 (#217) 3 months ago
  dependabot[bot] 4f66c3584c
⬆️ Bump actions/checkout from v1.0.0 to v2.3.1 (#209) 4 months ago
  dependabot-preview[bot] af6f6cd39c
Create Dependabot config file (#208) 4 months ago
  Franck Nijhof c7ea9d8477
🚑 Fixing awesome-lint 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof bf722eb539
🚑 Upgrades awesome-lint 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof b8ea753bd2
🚑 GitHub Actions update 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 26f2227537
Adds GitHub Actions as CI (#152) 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof cbc7a38d36
Adds FUNDING.yml 1 year ago
  Franck Nijhof 83024c3866
👕 Improves PR template 2 years ago
  Franck Nijhof 6d3a68d462
🎨 Updates issue/PR template to make them look good 2 years ago
  Franck Nijhof c0549512e6
Adds codeowners and issue/PR templates 2 years ago