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Franck Nijhof 2 months ago
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@ -73,11 +73,12 @@ different opinions and their personal favorites. Each method has its
advantages and disadvantages. Important to know, there is no wrong, or right here,
each technique installs the **SAME** Home Assistant.
Home Assistant currently _recommends_ the method.
Home Assistant currently _recommends_ the Home Assistant OS installation method.
- []( - Installing using a Docker managed environment (recommended method).
- [Docker]( - Installing on Docker.
- [Manually]( - Manual installation using a Python virtual environment.
- [Home Assistant OS]( - Installing using a managed environment (recommended method).
- [Home Assistant Container]( - Installing on Docker.
- [Home Assistant Supervised]( - Installing a semi managed environment for experts.
- [Home Assistant Core]( - Manual installation using a Python virtual environment.
## In case you need help