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@ -122,17 +122,15 @@ an awesome source for learning and a great source of inspiration._
- [Nathan]( - Lovelace config and themes based on Soft UI.
- [Andrea Iannucci]( - Also known as SeLLeRoNe. Regularly updated.
## Add-ons is a complete operating system that will take care of installing and
updating Home Assistant, and is managed from the frontend._
- 📺 [ Beginner's Guide]( - Excellent step-by-step guide on getting started (based on HassOS).
_Add-ons are additional applications and services, that can be run alongside
Home Assistant. The Home Assistant OS and Supervised installations types,
provide the Supervisor, which is capable of running and manage these add-ons._
### Official Add-ons
_Add-ons are easily installable services that extend the functionality around
your instance._
_Created and maintained by the Home Assistant team._
- [DuckDNS]( - Updates your Duck DNS IP address and generate SSL using Let's Encrypt.
- [HASS Configurator]( - Browser-based configuration file editor.
@ -145,7 +143,7 @@ your instance._
### Third Party Add-ons
_Anyone could create an add-on, the following are created by the community._
_Anyone can create an add-on, the following are created by the community._
- [SSH & Web Terminal]( - SSH and Web-based terminal with tons of pre-loaded useful tools.
- [Pi-hole]( - Network-wide ad blocking.