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🔥 Remove deprecated Toggle Lock Entity Row (#235)

Deprecated Jan 31, 2020
Hannes Van de Vel 4 weeks ago
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@ -244,7 +244,6 @@ easily add to your instance._
- [Spotify Card]( - List and select from current available devices and users top playlists on Spotify.
- [Battery Entity]( - Displaying battery levels for battery entities.
- [Multiple Entity Row]( - Show multiple entity states or attributes on entity rows.
- [Toggle Lock Entity Row]( - Display a toggle with a lock, avoiding toggling it by mistake.
- [Xiaomi Vacuum Map Card]( - Interactive Xiaomi Vacuum map, just like in Mi Home app.
- [Home Feed Card]( - Display a combination of persistent notifications, calendar events, and entities in the style of a feed.
- [Config Template Card]( - Allow using templates in Lovelace.