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FOSS and privacy software

In this repo you can find some free, open source and privacy applications and services to stop use proprietary spyware. If you have other advices, suggestions or apps/services which I can add it to this document please contribute or open an issue.

Full list of apps, services and game alternatives

Also look on and LinuxCafeFederation's list


  • Change proprietary apps on your Android phone to FOSS alternatives.
  • You can change stock ROM to custom ROM without Google Play Services (GApps).
  • Install applications from F-Droid instead of using Google Play Store.

Desktop OS

Change Windows or macOS to GNU/Linux, BSD or any other FOSS operating system.

Other tips

  • Encrypt your files and mails with GPG encryption.
  • If you can, use Tor instead of VPN services.


From GitHub

From Reddit